The rarest museums in the world

I love museums and whenever I visit a city I like to find out in advance which ones there are so that I can dedicate a day or two to see several, especially if they are original either because of their content or because of their location. The truth is that scattered around the world there are a lot of curious museums that are worth visiting if you are going to be in that place although there are others that apparently attract your attention.

Below I will tell you some of the most curious museums in the world so that you can give a touch of originality to your travels. Take note:

Mysteriae Pragensis Museum : It is in Prague and is located in what was once a medieval castle, without a doubt a spectacular place. It is a museum of mystery since in that castle there has always been a legend that there were a lot of ghosts and strange deaths. Upon entering it, you will receive an image of death and you will take a tour of all the most terrifying legends of Prague.

Naigai Museum : It is in Tokyo and it is a museum where you will find a collection of more than 20,000 socks. Yes, socks. Of all kinds and including the largest in the world, a piece that belonged to a famous Sumo wrestler named Kitamo Umi. If a sock exists, it is undoubtedly in this museum and you will be able to see the different pieces from different eras.

Museum of Man and Science : It is in Johannesburg and so at first glance it seems to no one that a museum that is called that may have something special, but it certainly does. Among the weirdest things you can find are horse and donkey tails hanging from the ceiling and lots of stuffed animal heads. If you are a great animal lover, I do not recommend that you go as it can impress you quite a bit.