Curious laws in some parts of the world

When we organize a trip we always take into account a lot of things such as the places we want to visit, the weather or how we are going to move while there. Something that must also be taken into account if you are going to visit any foreign country are the laws , since they are different in each country and in some cases you can commit a crime for a nonsense that would not have crossed your mind that you cannot do.

That is why it is very important that when you go to visit a country you take a look at its laws, especially those of the city you are going to visit, as this will save you a possible upset. Although it is not very normal to find "strange" laws, here are some curious laws that you can find out there and for which you will be fined if you do not comply with them. Take note:

– If you are going to be in Singapore you should know that since 1992 it is not allowed to chew gum in the street since that way they always keep the streets clean. Even if you are one of the people who throw them away, skip the gum on your trip to save yourself a good fine.

– Very close to Venice, on Eraclea beach, it is totally forbidden to build sand castles … amazing but forget about the bucket and the shovel if you travel with children as the fun could be very expensive.

– Something very funny and known by almost everyone is that in Amsterdam you cannot smoke tobacco in public places although you can smoke if it is marijuana since it is fully legalized.

– One of the biggest bullshit I’ve come across is that in Florida women can’t go skydiving … on Sundays! Any other day yes, but not on Sunday. The penalty can even be jail. Incomprehensible.

– If you are going to be in Switzerland you should bear in mind that flushing the cistern after night is illegal since it is considered to bother the neighbors, so learn to control your body to avoid problems.

– In the Italian city of Capri you will not be able to wear the classic surf flip flops since they are considered to be very noisy. You can go to jail.

– Another absurd law that you find in the United States, specifically in Alabama, is that you cannot drive with your eyes closed . And I say, does someone drive like this?

– One of the most famous destinations in recent years, Dubai, prohibits kissing in public , so be very careful as you may have a good problem for this. What’s more, in the movie "Sex and the City 2" it could be seen that Samantha almost ended up in jail for it.

And since you are a lot, do you know any curious law?