Centralia, a ghost town in America

Centralia, a ghost town in America
Every day we present you dream tourist destinations, the best beaches in the world, impressive landscapes dotted with mountains and many other charming places, which are a must-see. And that is why today we wanted to do something different.

If you are into mystery and frankly curious places, your next tourist adventure is waiting for you in the ghost town, Centralia (United States) . A town that will awaken your curiosity, but which is better to contemplate from afar… Find out why.

The history of Centralia

Centralia could have been just another city in the United States, had it not been for the fire that started in 1962 in one of the abandoned coal mine pits.

A fire that has not stopped burning for a single moment, until today. In fact, some experts say the mine has enough coal to keep burning for up to 250 more years . That is why the inhabitants of Centralia had to move their home to other locations.

Centralia, a ghost town in America

You are probably wondering why no one has tried to put out that underground fire. The reality is that there were a few attempts, but all of them without success.

A visit only for the brave

So if you want to visit this town, you have been warned! Remember that a 13 kilometer long mine awaits you under your feet, streets cracked due to the heat, as well as sources of smoke and steam that sprout from the underground fire that is still burning in the bowels of this town.

Centralia, a ghost town in America
In fact, when you approach this ghost town you come across a warning sign. So we better stay at home and enjoy the curious history of this town.

And as an interesting detail, in Vuela Viajes we have learned that this ghost town in Pennsylvania served as inspiration to create Konami’s Silent Hill video game series. That is why Centralia is also known as Silent Hill.

Do you dare to visit it? Better to see it from afar …