Los Angeles Beaches

Los Angeles has always been synonymous with glamor for every square inch of the city. But not everything is Hollywood , Beverly Hills and the red carpet. Other spectacular places that you can visit in the city and in its metropolitan area are its beaches, of all kinds and that you will have seen thousands of times in series and movies. The most famous of all is, without a doubt, Malibu , a beach-town with 43.5 kilometers of coastline and which encompasses several beaches that are home to the mansions of many of the most famous stars, whether they be of cinema, music or from any other sector.

Among its beaches are Malibu State Beach , Surfrider Beach or Topanga State Beach. Another of the beaches in Los Angeles that is very famous is Laguna Beach , located in the municipality of the same name and which also has several kilometers of fine white sand and wonderful turquoise water. Manhattan Beach , also its own municipality, is probably one of the most exclusive beaches in Los Angeles, which makes it a very expensive area to live in and a very expensive beach to go to, although if you want to see spectacular mansions and the odd Celebritie I recommend that you stop by.

Santa Monica is also one of the best known, especially since it is the one that has appeared in the most series and movies of all. It is 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles and is one of the great tourist centers in the area. You will recognize the famous Santa Monica Pier for its gigantic Ferris wheel and its many attractions, all on the same beach and where there are also a lot of shops, bars, cafes, cinemas and much more. If you are going to travel to Los Angeles, try to have at least a couple of days to enjoy some of its many beaches.