Seychelles: ideal destination for honeymoons

Seychelles island
These days the Seychelles islands are on the lips of half the world. The islands have always been known for being a heavenly place to get lost in but these days, they have also become the place chosen by Prince William and his wife Kate to spend their honeymoon. In case you were looking for a perfect destination to spend your honeymoon, remember that Seychelles has become the fashionable place.

The newlyweds have delayed their honeymoon, but a plane later this month will take them to this incredible destination. These days the islands have been subjected to strong security measures by the Royal Household security team to achieve maximum privacy for the new marriage. Specifically, they will stay in a luxurious wooden villa made up of a private garden, a rock pool and a personal butler and chef.
A private jet will fly with the newlyweds to the main island, from where they will take a helicopter to the place where this nameless refuge is located. William, who is a search and rescue helicopter pilot at a Royal Air Force station on the Welsh island of Anglesey, has been forced to split his annual vacation for the wedding and his honeymoon and must return to work in Little time.

The royal family has already expressed its intention to take legal action against all those who want to disrupt the couple’s honeymoon trip. The southern Atlantic islands were the scene of the war between Great Britain and Argentina in 1982.