Okuharima, a town where more than 100 scarecrows live

town with scarecrows
You already know that in Vuela Viajes we love to show you curious places located in all corners of the planet (the Fly geyser, a forest submerged in a lake, colored mountains, rocks suspended hundreds of meters away …). So when we got to know the Japanese town of Okuharima, where more than 100 scarecrows "live", we didn’t hesitate for a second to introduce you to it. Yes! Yes! As you are reading it! The dolls are everywhere, performing everyday tasks, as if they were people of flesh and blood.

Do you want to discover more about this curious town in Japan? Well, be very attentive to what we tell you below!

The town of scarecrows

How could it be otherwise, Okuharima is known as the town of scarecrows. Located in the Seki district in Yasutomi, of the city of Himeji, this town is attracting a lot of visitors thanks to these life-size dolls dressed as if they were people: with work clothes, straw hats, kimonos, caps …

village with scarecrows1

To promote the city

This curious idea has come from the mind of Okaue Mastato , a 61-year-old man who was born in Seki. The Japanese, with the help of Okuharima residents, began creating scarecrows in 2010 with the intention of promoting their "hometown." And it is that with these dolls he tried to attract visitors after the mass migration of the youngest population of the place, who in recent years have gone to the cities to look for work. This fact has resulted in the majority of people in the town being over 65 years of age.

A total of 100 scarecrows

In all, there are more than 100 scarecrows located on farmland and houses that have already been abandoned . Next, we leave you with our gallery, where we offer you a lot of images of this curious town. Do not miss it!