The beautiful town of Salobreña in Granada

In Vuela Viajes we always write about a lot of spectacular tourist destinations around the world, but the truth is that in our country you can also find very interesting places. Today I would like to write about a charming town that is in Granada and that a relative has just visited, and from what he tells me it is wonderful so I wanted to share it with all of you.

It is Salobreña , which is on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and is truly beautiful. Located in front of the beach, it is also known as "the jewel of the Costa Tropical" , and in addition to being spectacularly beautiful, it tends to have very good weather almost all year round. It is only 45 minutes from Granada, so if you are going to be in the capital or nearby, I totally recommend that you visit this town. In addition, it is also a great option for a summer vacation or for a getaway at any time of the year.

It is also very close to the Sierra Nevada ski resort, so if you are one of those snow lovers who enjoy your winter holidays, you can combine skiing with a visit to some of the most beautiful villages in the area, starting by Salobreña, of course. One of the great advantages of this town is that it is relatively close to 3 airports (Malaga, Granada and Almería), so there is no excuse for not knowing it.

Its main attractions

In Salobreña there are many interesting things, such as a Moorish castle dating from the 10th century that offers one of the most spectacular views of the town and its surroundings. The church of the town is also worth a visit thanks to its Mudejar style since it was the place where several excavations were made in which various Roman remains were found.

In the Municipal Library you will find a place where you can discover much of the history of Salobreña, thanks in part to the fact that it houses the city’s museum and that tells how the town was practically an island before the river formed a delta that gave the town the shape it is now. As in any other town or city, in its historic center you will find some of the most interesting places and buildings. A labyrinth of white houses , the typical Andalusian ones, which become an essential tour for tourists.

Of course, you cannot miss its beach , which is divided in two by the Peñón rock. You have to take a walk from the center to get there, but it is worth it since in addition to its beauty there are several restaurants and chirginguitos where you can enjoy the best of local cuisine . Finally, highlight the Salobreña Easter, one of the most beautiful in the whole country.