Slains Castle in Scotland

On occasion or other I have told you how much I like castles, especially those in Scotland since the magic of the Scottish landscape is combined with the spectacular nature of all the fortresses. Many of them in ruins, there are Scottish castles that you have to visit even in poor condition as they are equally impressive. Today I would like to write about Slains Castle , one of the castles in Scotland that holds the most incredible stories and legends.

This castle is in Cruden Bay , a small town on the north coast of Aberdeenshire County. Surrounded by a natural setting like no other, it is located on top of a cliff and overlooks the North Sea. This place, Cruden Bay, was the vacation destination of Bram Stoker in his younger years, coming to confess later that it was this castle that had inspired him to write to his famous Dracula.

As the story goes, Slains Castle was built twice and in two different locations. The first of these was at Collieston and was destroyed by King James VI to punish the Earl of Erroll for having participated against him in a rebellion against another Earl. Years later, Erroll returned from exile and a new castle was built where he is now, giving it the look of a Scottish manor house.


A lot to see

Today there is not much left of what was the original fortress since there are many parts in ruins, but you can still visit and discover some of its rooms. Among the places that can be seen are the rooms , corridors, the Grand Palace, a billiard room, kitchens, a courtyard, the library and the rooms in which the service members were staying. Some areas are perfect and others are very damaged, but still it has a special magic to be there.