Sights in Munich

Munich is one of the most interesting German cities, being also the third with the most population in the whole country. There you will find a large number and variety of tourist attractions for all tastes and pockets, many of them free and others at a cost. Its architecture is also spectacular, with a mixture of styles in the different neighborhoods that is very interesting.

Today I would like to write about the main places of interest in the city, five tourist attractions that you must include on your route to get to know the best of the city. Take note:


It is right in the center and it is the most lively and famous square in the city thanks to everything that surrounds it. There is the old town hall of the city and it dates from the 15th century. At the top of the square there is a precious golden statue of the Virgin Mary that was built in 1638 to celebrate the end of the Swedish occupation of the city during the Thirty Years’ War. This square acquires great importance at Christmas and New Years since thousands of inhabitants and tourists celebrate these festivals there and there is a market.

BMW Museum

Whether you are passionate about cars or not, you have to visit this museum as it is spectacular. It is one of the largest car museums in the entire country and there you will discover the entire history of BMWs thanks to a wide variety of vehicles such as rally cars, futuristic prototypes, motorcycles used by the police and much more. The entrance costs only 2 euros and there are almost all the models that the German firm has designed throughout its history.


It is not a place but a celebration, and going should be mandatory if you visit the city in October. It is a cultural festival dedicated to beer in which almost everyone is dressed in typical Bavarian clothes while drinking a beer and enjoying traditional music.


It is an Olympic Park that was built to host the 1972 Olympic Games and is in the area of ​​the city known as Oberwiesenfeld. Today it is the venue for different social, cultural or religious events. You cannot miss seeing the Olympic tower, which has a height of almost 300 meters and whose top you can go up by elevator. It has a viewpoint where there is a restaurant, with which you can eat enjoying a spectacular panoramic view.

Allianz Arena

A very special place, especially for football lovers. It is the stadium where Bayern Munich and the lesser known TSV Munich play. It was inaugurated in 2005 and was built to be one of the venues for the soccer world cup held in Germany in 2006. Its design and architecture is truly spectacular, making it one of the 10 best soccer stadiums in the world.