Hostel for women only in Amsterdam

Last March, specifically on the 8th and coinciding with International Women’s Day, a very special hostel was inaugurated in Amsterdam in which its guests can only be women . It’s called Hostelle and it’s located in the Southeast Quarter of the city, one of the most multicultural areas of Amsterdam. Best of all, it is also one of the cheapest hostels in the area.

How could it be less, its decoration is totally feminine and each room has a different decoration. Thus, you can find a room with a decoration inspired by Marie Antoinette or another with a very original Chinese decoration with authentic works of art in it.

Its owner said that this original idea is because she wanted a place where the girls feel comfortable and at ease in any hotel room without having to meet any man if they do not feel like it. The rooms are for 2, 4, 6 and 8 guests (all girls of course) and prices start at € 17.50 per night . There is a total capacity for 84 guests.
Another advantage of the Amsterdam Hostelle Hostel is that it is very well connected and you can get there easily by public transport. Its location is also fantastic as there are many places of interest in the surroundings and there is even the Heineken Music Hall, a venue where many concerts of all kinds of music are held throughout the year.

Although it is a female hostel, the boys have access to it but to a limited extent. They can only be in the lobby to have a drink in the cafeteria but they are not allowed to enter any room or be in any other room than that.