Go on a safari in England

Safaris are one of the most successful activities on the African continent, but the truth is that there are more places in the world where you can do one and that is equally spectacular. Today I would like to recommend the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park , an English park where you can go on safari and see all kinds of wild animals in their natural habitat.

This park is near the city of Hythe , in the county of Kent and has about 2.5 square kilometers in which there is not only wildlife but you will find a lot of nature. There is also a historic mansion with a spectacular garden, both designed by Sir Herbert Baker during World War I on behalf of Sir Philip Sasoon. In 1973 it was purchased to form part of the animal park, opening to the public in 1976.

In the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park you can enjoy a ride in a 4 × 4 while enjoying landscapes in which rhinos, elephants, giraffes , zebras, cheetahs and many more species. This park is also home to several animals that are in danger of extinction, such as Malayan tapirs, Bengal tigers , Barbary lions, and many more rare species. The perfect place for a trip

There is a small rural house with 3 bedrooms called the Livingstone House where you can stay and enjoy the natural environment much more. To stay there is also the Elephant Lodge, which is much more adventurous since it is the typical safari tents but in which there is a bathroom with a shower and even a wood stove.

One of the most interesting parts of the park and the one that children like the most is the so-called “Palace of the Apes” , home to a very complete group of gorillas and which is the largest gorillarium in the world.