The bunker of the soviets that will save the rich from the end of the world

Vivos Europa One bunker0
Money may not bring happiness, but it can help save you from a global catastrophe. In fact, more and more companies are offering safe havens that would theoretically allow us to survive an apocalypse. One of them is Vivos, a company founded in California by Robert Vicino that has just presented its new bunker in Europe: Vivos Europa One .

This spectacular refuge is located in the city of Rothenstein , in Germany, and is considered one of the largest and safest underground shelters on Earth. Not in vain is it valued at 1,000 million euros (yes, you read that correctly). Do you want to discover all the details of this luxury bunker? Well, do not miss anything that we tell you below!

Protection against all kinds of dangers

As we said, Vivos Europa One is one of the most spectacular bunkers in the world. Of course, it is only available to the richest on the planet. It has about 21,108 square meters underground and 4,079 outside, where you can also find a train station. As you can imagine, it is capable of protecting against numerous dangers : nuclear bombs, plane impacts, chemical and biological weapons, earthquakes, tsunamis, any armed attack … The shelter has three entrances, all of them with a hardened steel door and another that is closes hermetically. As for the tunnels that, approximately, cover about 5 kilometers, they are large enough so that large vehicles can circulate without problems.

Vivos Europa One bunker1

All kinds of luxuries

Designed for the richest families, the bunker has all kinds of luxuries. As for the private rooms, they measure 230 square meters, which can be customized according to the preferences of each client. Thus, you can add a cinema room, a luxury bathroom or a swimming pool. Of course, each of the rooms has customized energy and ventilation systems. On the other hand, in the common areas of the complex we can find swimming pools, theaters, luxury bathrooms, gyms, bars, bakeries, breweries, chapels, game rooms, wine cellars, schools, prisons … In addition, there is no shortage of autonomous power generators , air treatment plants, water purifications, mechanical workshops, a hospital and a bank to store DNA and, thus, guarantee the survival of the human being. As if all this were not enough, the company has stated that customers will have at their disposal different vehicles (trams, armored cars, helicopters …) both to move inside this underground city and to move around the outside.

Vivos Europa One bunker2

An investment of 1,000 million euros

Built by the Soviets during the Cold War, it had been used until the fall of the Berlin Wall as a military warehouse and depot. Later it fell into the hands of the German government, which, unable to maintain it, decided to sell it to a wealthy investor. Today, as we have mentioned before, it belongs to the Californian company Vivos, which has invested 1,000 million euros in its remodeling, an exorbitant figure considering that most of the work had already been done. What has not transpired is the price list of this bunker, although we do know that another less luxurious refuge found in Indiana, United States, costs 35,000 euros for an adult. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that in order to be accepted, the skills and talents of clients are valued, although we do not know very well what they refer to. Vivos Europa One is already in operation, although we do not know if the company has already had clients.

Vivos Europa One bunker3
Then we leave you with our gallery , where you will find more images of this spectacular German refuge. Do not miss it!