The smallest hotel in the world is in Germany

For a few years it had been said that the smallest hotel in the world was on the Canary Island of El Hierro, which is also the one that appears in the Guinness Book of Records although there seems to be another that has dethroned it, not yet in the book but "in real life." It is a hotel that is in the German city of Amberg and that has only 56 square meters. The room is so small that it is only eight feet wide, although you will pay 240 euros per night, it is what it has to be such a special hotel.

The Eh’haeusl Hotel has 4 rooms and in each room there is a luxury bed and all the comforts, as well as a bathroom with a shower. You have to get an idea of ​​how small the rooms are taking into account that in the 56 square meters, in addition to the rooms, you have to add the reception, the restaurant, the hall, etc. Although the rooms are tiny they offer all kinds of luxuries such as a flat screen TV, a sofa, a fireplace, a hydromassage and piped music.

In the price of the 240 euros that I mentioned, it is also included in the breakfast , which is made in a small lounge-restaurant. It is curious that being such an expensive hotel it is always full, which may seem normal given that there are only 4 rooms, but being so expensive and so small, people are going to stay at this hotel because of the "novelty" of going to the smallest of the world since for that price there are infinitely superior things.

Amberg is a city that belongs to the Bavarian region and is on the banks of the Vils river. It was originally called Ammenberg and was one of the most important trading cities of the Middle Ages thanks to the export of steel ore.