Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland

Those of you who are regular readers of Vuela Viajes already know that I love castles, although unfortunately I have not yet been able to visit many of the ones I have written here. These fortifications have something magical, at least for me, and they contain so much history that they seem exciting places. Today I am going to write about Eilean Donan Castle , one of the many in Scotland and which is, like all of them, spectacular.

It is on Lake Duich , in the northwest of the country, and is located on its own island, a magical place overlooking the Isle of Skye. Surrounded by the Kintail Mountains, it is an impressive castle that is in a strategic point, where the three great lakes of the country meet.

His story

It was built in the mid-13th century by order of Alexander II, in order to protect the area from Viking invasions . At the time there were 7 towers linked by walls, which made it one of the most famous and impressive castles in the country, but today not all of them remain. In the 18th century it suffered serious damage when it fell into the hands of the rebels.


Its interior

When you visit the Eilean Donan Castle you can enjoy a pleasant walk through its halls, which are decorated with furniture from the Jacobin period and which have many artifacts, weapons and art of the time. It is a castle very visited by the Scots, especially by those who live in the area since it is very entertaining for children, so it is very common to see families in it. In addition, weddings are held there, and many couples choose it as the ideal place for such an important day.


The environment

As if the castle’s spectacular nature were not enough, its environment is not far behind, and you can even see several dolphins on its small island, as well as otters and various birds. There is a parking area and a visitor information point with a cafeteria and of course a small souvenir shop. From there a ferry leaves that takes you to see the Isle of Skye.