Bertiz Natural Park in Navarra

The Natural Parks are one of the great attractions of any place you visit in the world, discovering in them not only spectacular landscapes but also native flora and fauna of great interest and that, in many cases, you can only see in a specific park. Today I would like to write about the Señorío de Bertiz Natural Park , which is about 50 kilometers north of Pamplona .

In Bertiz you will find a park with more than 2,000 hectares of vegetation, one of the most beautiful corners that you can find in the Navarrese Pyrenees and which is on the banks of the Bidasoa river. This park is in the municipality of Oieregi, limiting to the north with Etxalar and to the east with the Baztan Valley.

Botanical Garden

At the entrance of the park is the botanical garden, which is more than 100 years old and is the greatest natural treasure that you will find in the area. A beautiful place full of paths that you can walk along while enjoying more than 100 species of trees, plants and shrubs from different parts of the world. Although you do not like trees very much, if you go to the park it is advisable to see the entire garden as it is beautiful.

More attractive

In addition to the botanical garden, there are many other very interesting things to see in this Natural Park. Environmental education has a lot to say in the area, so you can find places of interest such as a Nature Interpretation Center, an exhibition hall located in the Palacio de Ciga and several viewpoints from which to enjoy a spectacular landscape.

There are also picnic areas , parking lots, swings and various outdoor exhibitions. They include a charcoal burner that shows how charcoal is made, a lime scale to calcine limestone and the tourist information office , where you can get a map-guide of the park and all kinds of information so that your visit is much more complete and not miss out on anything interesting.

Walking trails

In the park you can hike through different trails to see the best areas. These trails have names and different characteristics, such as the Aizkolegi (11 kilometers and that takes you to the highest point), the Plazazelai (8 km and which is the only one authorized for cyclists) or the Irretarazu Path (7 km to see the traditional uses forest).