The largest vertical garden in the world

A vertical garden is one of the most innovative ways to enjoy the beauty and freshness that plants provide. A sustainable and natural alternative, for which, in addition, you do not need much space. Today I want to tell you about the largest vertical garden in the world.

It is in Rozzano, near Milan, and with its 1,263 square meters , it has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest vertical garden on the planet. In fact, it has ousted the vertical garden of the Mercure hotel in Madrid, which held the title with its 844 square meters, from this position.

A totally sustainable idea

The garden, which occupies the facade of the Fordaliso shopping center, was designed by the Italian architect Francesco Bollani . Like all vertical gardens, it is capable of adding an exotic and very special touch to the space.

Inaugurated in 2010, Rozzano’s vertical garden was not done in two days. It took a whole year for the plants to grow enough (during that time they were in a greenhouse), and about 90 days to build the facade, made up of endless small metal containers in which the plants are put, nothing less than 44,000 copies .

Multiple advantages

According to its creator, the vertical garden only has advantages. In addition to being a sustainable work that integrates nature into an urban environment, it is eco-friendly, since it helps to save energy and is very respectful of the environment.

But where does the savings translate? Well, mainly in the fact that the garden regulates the interior temperature of the shopping center, with the consequent saving of energy and the reduction of electricity consumption. Another advantage of this type of garden is that it absorbs carbon dioxide from the environment and considerably reduces environmental noise .