The Covent Garden neighborhood in London

You already know that I love London and I like to bring you a lot of corners so that if you visit this wonderful city you can see the best of the best. Today I want to focus on Covent Garden , one of the most famous areas of the city and which is right in the center. It is very popular because it is very close to neighborhoods such as Soho, Bloomsbury or Holborn.

In Covent Garden there are a lot of places to visit and many attractions so you can spend so much of your time there that you will never get bored. Entertainment is very important in this area and here you can see a lot of theaters with the best plays in the city. In fact, the first Royal Opera House was opened in Covent Garden and from there it became one of the strong points for all the performing arts.

The best way to get there, and the fastest, is by subway and at Covent Garden station , which is at the end of James Street and very close to the Market Building, which is where the market is and is a spectacular place. Covent Garden tube is always full, so if you prefer you can get off at a nearby one such as Charing Cross , Leicester Square, Embankment or Holborn and go for a walk.

In the main square you can see a lot of artists of all kinds doing what they do best, which in some cases is painting, in others singing, in others playing the guitar , miming, juggling … a wide variety with which you will have a good time. a while. There you also have a shopping street where there are a lot of clothing stores, as well as several bars and even a vegetarian restaurant .