The Malasaña neighborhood in Madrid

There are cities that, no matter how many times we visit or how long we spend in them, we always have something to discover. That’s why when I go on vacation to a big city I love to organize myself by neighborhoods so that I can see the best of each one and discover the most special that each corner of the city has. That is why from time to time I like to tell you something about different neighborhoods, so today I get one too.

Specifically, today I will talk to you about the Malasaña neighborhood , in Madrid, also known as "the neighborhood of wonders" and which is mainly known for its lively nightlife and for the alternative environments that you can find. It is usually compared with the neighborhoods of the East Village of New York, that of Camden Town of London or the Barrio Alto of Lisbon, although in reality it is not as famous as all of them and that is why many people come and go from Madrid and stay without knowing it.

It is a neighborhood that is between the areas of Chueca and Argüelles and that was the center of the famous Movida Madrileña in the 80s and that will always form an important part in the history of our country. Its name is due to Manuel Malasaña Oñoro, one of the victims of the Uprising of May 2, 1808 against the Napoleonic troops that invaded Madrid. A neighborhood that is not only about music and parties but also has a lot of history in every corner.

The metro stops that are great for visiting Malasaña are Tribunal, Bilbao, San Bernardo, Gran Vía, Noviciado, Callao, Santo Domingo, Plaza de España and Ventura Rodríguez. Although it is a neighborhood that is very good to take a walk and visit the odd store, the truth is that the people who visit it are mainly to do it at night since around the Plaza Dos de Mayo you can find a lot of bars , restaurants, cafes and shops with a lot of life and many of them very original.