Gay Pride Madrid 2011

If there is a party in Madrid that goes around the world and receives visitors from many places, it is the Gay Pride Party , parties that are celebrated all over the world and where those of the Spanish capital have a place of honor. A party full of color and good vibes that every year brings together thousands of people to claim and celebrate the pride they feel in belonging to the LGBT community (lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals).

The Gay Pride 2011 parties in Madrid will last one week, as always, and will begin on Wednesday June 29, the day after International Gay Pride Day. They will end on Sunday, July 3. During that week we will be able to see original parades and concerts and, above all, full of color, especially those that belong to the LGTB flag.

The motto this year is "Health and equality by right" and they will have their most important day on Saturday, July 2, which is when the traditional parade through the streets of Madrid will be held and where thousands of people will be traveling to Madrid from anywhere in the world to celebrate this day. On the 29th, the proclamation reading will take place in the Plaza Vázquez de Mella , which will also be the place where various cultural activities will take place throughout the week. It is not yet known who will be the person in charge of kicking off the parties.
But Gay Pride week is not all a party, there is also a place for cultural activities, such as the exhibition on this year’s central theme, HIV, and where you can see how the fight against AIDS has been in the last 30 years. Musical and scenic performances will take place in the Plaza del Rey.

The main place of these festivities is the Chueca neighborhood, the gay neighborhood of the city and where all its streets are dressed with garlands and colorful elements to celebrate such an important day for this group. There you can also see open-air bars and a fantastic festive and joyful atmosphere. The truth is, whether or not you belong to this group, you should stop by the parties if you have the occasion, they are very fun and there are people of all kinds.

As for the Gay Pride parade , it will start at the Puerta de Alcalá and move along the Gran Vía until it reaches the Plaza de España. Lots of floats with music that bring fun to the streets of Madrid. He is joined by many celebrities, whether or not they are from the collective, to support the cause and defend the rights of some people who are fortunately increasingly integrated into society.