Madrid will have a beach in 2011

Finally, the Madrid beach project will be completed. Next year, specifically in April, the capital of Spain is expected to finally have a beach, not a sea. On the banks of the Manzanares, people from Madrid will be able to enjoy something they have never had and which is certainly not going to be like in other cities, no matter how much sand and many sun loungers they put on.

As of November, the beach will begin to be built thanks to a disbursement of 2.6 million euros that is hard to believe in the midst of the economic crisis. Because yes, we are still in crisis and we have to admit it.

Attached to the river

Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón explained that it will have a total area of 11,930 square meters and will be very close to the river. For more information, it must be said that it will be next to the Arganzuela park. It will have a front of 270 meters and will connect with the Manzanares river. In addition, we can enjoy ellipse-shaped aquatic enclosures, a dry paved area of ​​1,350 square meters and a perimeter meadow designed for relaxation and with a dimension of 5,000 square meters. There will be everything there: lawn, deck chairs, umbrellas, chairs for sunbathing, poplars …

Will the Los Refrescos song «Here there is no beach» still playing?