Cabañeros National Park in Castilla La Mancha

The Cabañeros National Park is one of the 14 that exist in our country and is in Castilla La Mancha, specifically in the provinces of Ciudad Real and Toledo. It is a huge farm with an area of ​​about 15,000 hectares (in its beginnings) but later it was expanded by joining several neighboring farms until reaching 40,000 that it now occupies. It is between the Rocigalgo and El Chorrito mountain ranges (to the north) and the Miraflores mountain range to the south.

In this park you can find a great variety of flora and fauna, with many endangered species such as the mountain goat, the black vulture or the Iberian imperial eagle. Deer are one of the most successful animals in the park and everyone who visits it comes to see them in the areas where they are. As for the flora, you can find many plant species and a multitude of forests with different trees, such as arcor oak, mostard, strawberry tree , durillo, holm oak or Montpellier maple.

The history of the park is directly linked to the history of the region in which it is located, which is Montes de Toledo , a town where you will also find other very interesting things to visit. The park also includes countless municipalities such as Valdeazores, Los Alares, Horcajo de los Montes, Navas de Estena, El Robledo, Luciana, Anchuras, Arroba de los Montes, Navalpino or Puebla de Don Rodrigo.

The original farm was owned by a family of shipping companies in the area, and when they wanted to declare the area suitable to be a shooting range, there were several environmental groups that came to their defense in order to protect it. Finally, it was managed to continue being a natural space and it was created as such in 1995. It receives approximately 100,000 visitors each year.