Blue Mountains National Park in Australia

Blue Mountains-National-Park-in-Australia
The Blue Mountains National Park is located about 80 kilometers west of Sydney , exactly in the state of New South Wales. It is a spectacular and beautiful natural park that is very well cared for and preserved and that occupies some 2,500 square kilometers. It receives its name thanks to a bluish mist that produces the oil released by the large number of eucalyptus trees in the area. Millions of tourists visit it every year as it has a spectacular beauty and allows you to be in contact with nature to disconnect from the busy stress of the city, especially if you are on vacation.

There you can go through forests, meadows, small mountains and go hiking or cycling in any of its areas. As if that were not enough, in the Blue Mountains National Park you can find many kinds of vegetation , mainly ancient and strange species, although there are also some of the best known. One of the most visited attractions in the park is a spectacular rocky line called " The Three Sisters " which is made up of three towers on top of a cliff and which, according to aboriginal legends, represent three Indian sisters who guard the whole park.

The " Katoomba Scenic Railway " is also very interesting, an exciting journey in cars that run on a rail, the steepest in the world, and that travels about 400 meters through a rocky tunnel. An amazing adventure if you are brave. To complete the podium of essential parts, you cannot miss the spectacular Wentworth Falls . Whichever area of ​​the Park you are going to visit, you will see at all times how well cared for and preserved it is, so if you are going to travel to Sydney and have the opportunity, I recommend that you spend a day visiting it. You will not regret.