Egypt: Pharaoh Cheops

Pharaoh Cheops or Khufu, was the second ruler of the fourth dynasty of ancient Egypt. He is remembered more for the construction of his tomb, the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the world, than for any other kind of feat. Cheops ruled for 23 years after his father King Snofu . His mother was Queen Hetep-heres I. He had three wives and many children.

After his death , his family made three divisions. His first wife, Merey, was the mother of DjedefHor and Buefre, neither of whom succeeded him to the throne. The second part was headed by DjedefRe’s mother, who ruled eight years after Khufu’s death. Finally the third division ran into the hands of the mother of Khafre, who also ruled Egypt for some time and built the pyramid of Giza .

Cheops traveled a lot to the north and south, bringing from his travels very important news for his kingdom, such as irrigation systems. Khufu’s real name is Khnum-Khufwy, which means "the god Jnum protects me." Throughout time, different excavations have been made that have shown everyone that they reveal that he was a ruler who was not loved by everyone.

Apparently, his behavior was truly harsh and he was considered a great tyrant . Surely if you decide to spend a vacation in Egypt, you will discover many more things about this Pharaoh who is part of history .