The Capitol of Rome

Rome is one of the main tourist destinations for all those travelers who visit Europe or who are from this continent and want to know other countries, as well as for many Italians who travel to their capital constantly. And the saying goes that "all roads lead to Rome", something that is quite right since you have a lot of flights from different companies and if you don’t like traveling by plane you can also go by car or train, you have many options.

Roman places such as the Colosseum , the Roman Forum, the Pantheon or the Vatican with the famous Sistine Chapel are known by all, and if this city stands out for something, it is for the spectacular architecture that it has and that makes any building a delight to the view, especially if you like to see spectacular designs.

One of the most interesting places in Rome is the Capitol , which is the seat of the local government and which was already the capital in ancient times. It is between the Forum and the Champ de Mars and is one of the seven hills of Rome. The Capitol preserves some ancient ruins at ground level and which are totally covered by the medieval and Renaissance palaces that surround the Plaza del Campidoglio , one of the most important in the city and where there are many monuments and historical buildings.

Very important events took place at the Capitol in Rome, such as the signing of the Treaties of Rome in 1957, which were the ones that gave rise to the European Economic Community and the European Atomic Energy Community. In the Plaza del Campidoglio (Capitol in Italian) you can also visit the Capitoline Museums and a lot of monuments that are of great importance in the history of the city.