Kalkalpen National Park in Austria

The Kalkalpen National Park is in the Austrian region of Pyhm-Eisenwurzen and extends until it reaches several alpine areas, which makes it the perfect place if you are a lover of nature, adventure and ecotourism, a way of traveling that every time has more followers. A great option if you are in the area since in this park you will have the opportunity to meet various animal species such as deer, deer, lynx, grouse, black grouse or alpine salamanders.

You can also do various routes through the park and perform multiple activities since there is a great variety for both adults and children. The best time to visit the Kalkapen National Park is winter since not only will you be able to enjoy an unbeatable landscape but you will also be able to practice various sports that can only be done in the coldest months, such as skiing on one of the many slopes there are. in the park or go cross country with the most peculiar alpine shoes.

If you are not a lot of risky sports do not worry because entertainment and adventure will not be missing so you can opt for a good walk or a simple walk. Along the way you will discover all the flora and fauna of the area, which is spectacular and very beautiful. All the routes through the park are led by an expert guide who will tell you everything you need to know everything you see on your way.

A very interesting experience is feeding the deer, something that you can do on one of the routes. In the park area there are numerous hotels where you can stay and eat all the meals of the day, in addition to providing you with all the necessary equipment for you to practice the sport or activity you want. The perfect place to spend a whole day mixing relaxation and adventure.