Chiloé National Park

The 430 square kilometers (166 square miles) of the Isla Grande de Chiloé National Park (Chile) make it an ideal place to go on vacation and discover nature as it is. The park is made up of two sectors that differ drastically from each other both in terms of landscape and access.

Densely populated, the Anay sector, to the south, is more easily accessible from the coastal town of Cucao. Anay is very popular with backpackers, especially for the well-known Tepual trail. This trail is almost a kilometer long and takes about 40 minutes . You will be able to observe the immense twisted trunks of its trees that are found along the entire route.

The Dunas trail is a longer path. This trail will lead you to the dune beach near Cacao. The walks through the park will give you the opportunity to meet the Chiloé fox, the natives of the Big Island, and the small deer that inhabit the area.

Accessible only during the driest months (from January to March) the Chepu sector is located in the northern part of the Chiloé National Park. The sector is home to a large population of birds (especially penguins. Getting to this part of the park is difficult as you have to take a detour on a complicated gravel road called Coipomó, about 20 km (12 miles) south of Ancud. From there, you will have a whole walk ahead of about 90 minutes until you reach the northern border of the park.