Visit Oman

One of the least explored paradises in the Middle East is Oman . It’s a richly textured vacation destination that suits visitors looking for something different. It has a long and long history, with the friendliness of its people, dramatic landscapes and coastlines, historical forts and its incredible pools of water in the deserts that are great places to swim on a sunny day.

Oman mainly attracts Western European travelers looking for a relaxing vacation. The capital is called Muscat and is located in the northeast of the region, while most of the towns and cities are dotted throughout the north and along the coastline.

It has 1,700 kilometers of coastline (1,056 miles) made up of impressive, very clean and attractive beaches. Some of the most popular beaches are: Qurum, Bandar Jissah and As-Sawadi. Be careful , even on the beaches that are part of the hotels, tourists must be aware of the rules and thus avoid problems such as not going topless or wearing very small swimsuits. Wadi Shab is one of the most attractive water pools in the country, ideal for families. Children can have fun in the natural pools. You can also go on fun 4X4 excursions through the immense dunes.

Muscat is the commercial center of the country, a true oasis for tourists in search of great shopping venues. You will be able to visit the most modern shops with air conditioning such as the traditional souks . Some of the best hotels also have shops where you can find strange souvenirs, rugs, and paintings.