Destinations to enjoy a romantic date without leaving Spain

Paris is known as the ‘City of Love’, being one of the main destinations chosen by many couples for a romantic getaway or trip, just like Rome or other parts of Italy . However, you don’t have to go that far. Spain also offers destinations to unleash love and spend unforgettable days. Here we propose some destinations that you can enjoy now or so that you take them into account for the next Valentine’s Day.


Barcelona is one of the largest cities in Spain and one of the most touristic spots. However, it is a capital that can be lived and enjoyed in many ways. That is why it offers many possibilities, being a destination with which there is a good chance of being right.

In general, people are more attracted to those more bohemian Barcelona. Among its main points of interest is the Sagrada Familia , which is usually very visited by all couples , as well as the Cathedral of Barcelona .

Other places of interest are Park Güell and Casa Vicens , as well as the entire port area and the literal area of ​​Barcelona to feel the sand and sea water. And all this, in addition, is completed with a wide range of leisure and gastronomy.



The city of Granada is considered another of the most romantic places in Spain for its great beauty and spectacular landscapes. On this occasion, the tour takes you through the medieval buildings , which are in the surroundings of Sierra Nevada , as well as the cobbled and picturesque streets and, of course, visit the Alhambra Palace from where you can also see a magnificent sunset.

You can not miss the flamenco performances in the Sacromonte caves or stop living the evening atmosphere full of culture with different musical styles . It is a land from which very popular artists of different genres of music have emerged.


And another very romantic destination is Toledo. This city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site , takes us back to the Middle Ages through its cobbled streets and the different constructions characteristic of this medieval era .

A quiet city to enjoy not only the culture and the charm of its architecture and surroundings, but also great monuments such as mosques, palaces, fortresses and old synagogues.

It is an ideal environment to visit at night, taking a very romantic walk, especially if the route leads to areas such as the Arab baths of Tenerías , which is one of the places most chosen by couples.


In the list of romantic destinations in Spain, you cannot miss another city, which has a lot of history. It is about Salamanca , which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site .

Among its main attractions are its architecture in which you can see different styles such as Romanesque, Gothic, Moorish, Baroque or Renaissance. The romantic tour should take us to the Plaza Mayor, which is considered one of the best in Spain.

In this square, you have to pay attention to the porticoed galleries . An attraction to which is added that of the green areas of the city and the lighting that is had at night, creating a unique environment.


And, finally, on the list of destinations is the city of Seville, which is considered one of the most romantic due to the beauty of La Giralda or Plaza de España . Thats not all. It is a capital full of fountains and picturesque alleys where you can take a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride.

Of course, you must not miss the Seville Cathedral , which is the largest Gothic church in the world that has an altar covered in gold, nor the Real Alcázar , where there are very romantic gardens in which there are many corners to to love each other.