Portofino: an exclusive destination on the Italian Riviera

The word riviera is associated with France and, specifically, with the Côte d’Azur. However, there are other countries in which this name is also used to call coastal areas that have a lot of charm. This is the case of the Italian Riviera, where we find excellent locations such as Portofino . A municipality that is chosen by many celebrities and artists, which has allowed it to be considered exclusive . Despite this, it can be visited by anyone. And, the truth is that it is well worth a visit because it has great beauty. Also, there are many things that can be done.

The location

Portofino is characterized by being a town that preserves all the charm of a fishing port , which has been preserved over the years and despite the interest that this area arouses from a tourist point of view.

This town, with only about 500 inhabitants, is located on the Italian Riviera, in the southeast of Genoa , and is part of the Portofino Regional Natural Park , where there are also other very exclusive areas.

Among the attractions of Portofino, its streets and its colored houses also stand out, which are placed close to others, giving way to a multi-colored villa, but with great harmony. And all this, in addition, within an exuberant vegetation .

Over the years, some small changes have been made to the locality. The most significant is the conversion of the interior of small fishing cabins to house boutiques of large fashion firms such as Dolce & Gabbana.

To do

Apart from touring the streets, the port and the turquoise beaches of the area, Portofino offers much more to the tourist. And one of them is being able to enjoy Italian gastronomy in such exclusive places as Stalla dei Frati and Belforte.

Enjoying the terraces is another of the strong points of this destination, the one at the Splendido hotel being especially recommended, especially to enjoy a sunset listening to live music from a pianist. Another good option is the Winterose Wine Bar to enjoy the Italian aperitif , among other places.