Saint-Tropez: a 10 destination for foodies

To speak of the French Riviera and the Côte d’Azur is to speak of destinations such as Saint-Tropez . A town that is one of the most touristy in this area of ​​France -and also the country and the world-, which has a lot of charm. And not only for its curious history and the beauty of its streets and port, but also for its gastronomy. A destination considered by many as somewhat exclusive , but that could rather be defined as ideal for foodies . Not surprisingly, it has attracted many famous people over the years such as the painter Picasso, the designer Karl Lagerfield or the actress Brigitte Bardot, apart from being the basis of great works such as the novel ‘Brave New World’ by Alodus Huxley, or ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Here we give you the keys to enjoy a magnificent stay .


It may seem that this town has no history. But it’s not like that. And, furthermore, it is quite curious because it owes its name to Caius Silvius Tropetius , who was a Roman official at Nero’s court and made the decision to convert to Christianity, which led to his beheading ordered.

The body of the officer was deposited in the river Arno , although it later reached the coast , reaching this town that today is known as Saint-Tropez.

What to see

Saint-Tropez is characterized by its beaches , as well as its lively nightlife, but all within an aura of exclusivity. In addition, you can walk through its quiet streets during the day, but full of light and life, as well as the port area where it is common to see boats and yachts. A must-see is its Ciudatela , dating from the early 16th century.

In addition to these options, there is the possibility of enjoying a day of shopping. And it is that this town has almost 500 stores . The best boutiques are found in the Place des Lices , which is considered the starting point of the route , after which you have to go through the various streets that go down to the port. On this route, don’t forget the shops on Rue Georges Clemenceau, Rue Allard, Rue Gambetta and Place de la Garonne.


Exclusivity also reaches gastronomy. Among the most recommended points to enjoy Mediterranean and Provençal dishes are L’Olive, L’Aubergue de la Mole, Le Café de Paris and La Vague D’Or. In them, you must try the fried mussels, the grilled fish, the crayfish, the tournedos and, of course, the delicate and delicious chocolate mousse.

And, for nightlife , the best options are beach clubs such as Club 55, which is a classic, as well as Nikki Beach or Club Les Palmiers Ramatuelle.