The best beaches on Reunion Island

Reunion Island is a paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean that belongs to France and that has paradisiacal beaches surrounded by volcanic rocks and green hills. Thanks to its climate it has developed a great diversity of flora and fauna, with a lot of tropical forests and a coast full of beautiful places that will make you live a wonderful experience.

It is an ideal place for surfing since its beaches are windy, and it also has a lively nightlife in the port area, in which every Sunday there are concerts by very varied groups, many of them unknown but many others very known. In the Saint Gilles Les Rains area, in the northwest of the island, there are some of the best beaches, all of them with white sand and located in a privileged environment. Here are the two best beaches on Reunion Island :

Boucan Canot Beach : It is a huge beach that is divided into two main parts. On the one hand, surf lovers, who find here one of the best beaches on the island to practice their favorite sport. On the other, people who want to relax by taking a quiet bath and without having a lot of fuss around them. The area for bathers is supervised by guards and the surf area is not, although there are always monitors from several of the schools in the area. It must be said that the waves are very strong for bathers and that you have to be very careful so that it does not drag you. It has a spectacular coral reef.

L’Hermitage Beach : It joins the Trou d’eau beach through an imaginary line of sand, which makes it very large and you can find a quiet place more easily than in others. Its waves are not that strong so if you are not going to surf it is more recommended than Boucan Canot. Here you can also practice other water sports such as kayaking. The beach has a spectacular pine forest where you can have a picnic or rest in the shade. It is a very familiar beach.