Sun and beach destinations to get lost in Malta

Malta is one of the islands in the Mediterranean Sea that offers many possibilities for tourism. In addition to its culture and history and the most popular sites, it also has numerous beaches. To the best known, there are other corners that are also characteristic and well worth a visit. They are sun and beach destinations to get lost on the island. Here are the most remote and some that you should not miss.


Fomm ir-Rih is an ideal destination for all those who travel, but flee from the hustle and bustle and seek peace and quiet . It is even difficult to have mobile coverage, thus being able to disconnect 100%.

In fact, this beach is one of the most isolated on the island. One reason why it is also among diving enthusiasts. Among its main characteristics are the crystalline blue waters of the Mediterranean within an environment of valleys and cliffs .

And a beach that is very little known is Kalanka Bay . It is located near one of the most popular beaches: St Peter’s Pool. However, if you opt for the former, you can enjoy a tranquil destination , even if you visit Malta in peak tourist season.

Apart from its maximum tranquility, this beach is characterized by the cliffs that surround the entire bay, as well as the gently curving limestone . It is an ideal destination for sunbathing, but there are also shady areas for those who want less exposure to the sun’s rays.

And finally, we have to talk about Paradise Bay which, as the name suggests, is like a paradise. This beach is more popular and less quiet. But it is well worth going for the unparalleled views of the islands of Gozo and Comino .

This beach also has many services to spend an excellent day of sun and sea. For example, there are umbrellas, hammocks, showers, toilets and also restaurants. It is interesting to visit it at night because you can have dinner and sometimes there are even entertainment activities during the week.