The beaches of the Baltic Sea that you cannot miss

Many Spaniards choose the Mediterranean Sea as a destination for their vacations or getaways. And the truth is that there are excellent beaches. But, sometimes, you want to know new places and live new experiences. For those looking for that change of course, today we are going to talk about some beaches on the Baltic Sea , which are among the best in Europe.


In Latvia, the destination is Jürmala , just outside Riga. The beach is 33 kilometers long and, in addition, has the particularity of being covered with white quartz sand and being backed by a forest , which offers various leisure options. One reason why it is a very good choice for families with young children.


Within Germany, a good option is Usedom . This island, located in front of the mouth of the Older, has 45 kilometers of coastline, which are home to beaches and coves. One of its greatest attractions is also the three imperial sea ​​resorts , which attracted many emperors and monarchs .


The route along the beaches of the Baltic Sea also takes us to Sweden. Specifically, to Falsterbo , which has 10 kilometers of fine white sand beach . It is a very popular destination with its colorful huts , as well as the nearby pine forest.



The Curonian Spit is the quintessential destination of this country. Not surprisingly, it is considered the pearl of the Baltic Sea. Here you can enjoy almost 100 kilometers of sand dunes, which separate the waters of this sea from those of the Curonian lagoon . A very charming landscape in which, perhaps, the problem is in its cold waters.


And for those who are fond of water sports such as surfing , a good option is Yyteri Beach . A place known as a meeting point for surfers. Its beaches are of great beauty and very quiet. In addition, the sand is fine and its waters are shallow. Among its advantages is the area that is enabled for pets.