The best beaches in the Cantabrian Sea

There is little left to continue enjoying the summer but until the last ray of sun leaves we cannot say that it has definitely abandoned us, and although a while ago I wrote a post about ski slopes, now I am going to the opposite extreme to do it about beaches . Nothing like contrasts to be able to enjoy writing more, although in reality whenever I write about travel and natural landscapes I enjoy it a lot.

In our country we are very lucky to have true natural paradises, spread throughout the territory and in any Autonomous Community. To speak of the north of Spain is to speak of "green", of Nature and of a really beautiful natural environment. The coastal areas here are also fantastic, and today I would like to focus on the one in the Cantabrian Sea, full of beaches with crystal clear waters and white sand that make it the perfect destination for any day in which you are looking for relaxation. Here are some of the best beaches in the Cantabrian Sea :

Langre Beach

It is in the town of Ribamontán al Mar and is one of the most unknown beaches on the Cantabrian coast, but also one of the most beautiful. Thanks to the fact that it is not very famous, it is the perfect destination since its beauty is joined by the fact that it does not have much influx. It is shaped like a half moon and does not reach a kilometer in length, and its landscape is completed by green meadows since it is an area in which there are no constructions that spoil so much beauty. A cliff, crystalline waters, fine white sand … you will find all of this on this beach.

Sonabia Beach

It was the pioneer beach for practicing nudism , and it is perfect for it since it is hidden, although people who do not take off their swimsuits also go to it. The truth is that it is a very "free" beach since there, dogs are also allowed to enjoy the water and the sand. There is no type of service on this beach.

Rostro Beach

It is a Galician beach that is in Fisterra and that is a clear example of how rough the Cantabrian can be, with spectacular waves that crash hard against the rocks. It has transparent waters and is shaped like a half moon, and its landscape is fantastic since it is very close to Cape Fisterra.

Las Catedrales Beach

For me it is the best beach in Galicia by far, and that there are spectacular beaches in this Community. You can go through this article to see it in detail, but in a short summary I will say that it has rocks that look like cathedrals and that depending on the tide they can be seen more or less. It’s really beautiful.

Zarautz beach

It is in Guipúzkoa and it is a beach that has a lot of influx but it is worth seeing with little space since you will still enjoy a spectacular day at the beach. There you can practice various water sports , take a long walk, have a drink in one of its bars or simply enjoy the sand and the sea.

Xivares Beach

In the Asturian part of the Cantabrian Sea there is this beach, among many others. It is located a short distance from Gijón, in Carreño Candas , and it is a mixture of sea and mountains that is really worth seeing.