Skiing in Teruel

We are rushing the last days of summer and very soon we will have to start thinking about the cold and everything that autumn brings and, shortly after, winter . There are people who prefer to take their vacations during the winter, either to go to a place where it is summer or to enjoy the best that the colder season has to offer. And if there is something that is enjoyed like nothing during winter, it is snow , especially for ski lovers.

If you like skiing and you are already starting to prepare your winter holidays to be able to practice this sport, I would like to recommend a fascinating place in our country so that you can do it: the province of Teruel . There are several areas where you can ski and which also have great natural beauty, as well as many places of interest in the vicinity, so the trip will be very complete.

Skiing in Javalambre

The Sierra de Javalambre is where there is a station of the same name that has been open since 1995 and is one of the best places to ski in the province of Teruel. Its facilities are spectacular and its accesses are very good, with which there are many people who travel from Valencia, Catalonia or Aragon, who will arrive here in a couple of hours (it depends on where the origin is, of course). They have a system that produces snow, with which it is ensured that you can ski during winter even with artificial snow. Javalambre has 14 skiable kilometers that are divided into 14 slopes.

Skiing in Valdelinares

It is in the Sierra de Gúdar , in the municipality called Valdelinares and which is almost 1,700 meters high. You can get to this station from Alcalá de la Selva by a road that is in very good condition. The best thing about this place is that it not only has fantastic facilities but the natural environment it has is beautiful, with many forests that give great beauty.

They also have artificial snow systems , which ensures that you can enjoy the snow throughout the winter season. It has 9 kilometers of skiable slopes, with mountain heights that can exceed 2,000 meters in height. It has 10 slopes, 3 of them green, 4 blue, 3 red, one for snowpark and one for cross-country skiing. Both this station and Javalambre also have activities during the summer, although without a doubt it is best to visit them in winter.