Travel to Portofino in Italy

I love the fishing or maritime villages where you can see small buildings and a port with all the boats. Maybe it’s because I’m from one of them, but the truth is that I have a real passion for these places. A couple of days ago I saw a report on a travel channel about Portofino , a place that is in Italy and that is really beautiful.

Portofino is very famous for being one of the favorite places of the rich and famous around the world, who choose it as the place for their vacations several times a year. It is a very picturesque town that has colorful houses and a bay in which there is a port and entertainment venues such as shops, restaurants, bars and hotels, many of them luxurious.

According to the story, this place was founded by the Romans, baptizing it as Portus Delphini since there were many dolphins in its waters, animals that by the way are still there today. Portofino belongs to the so-called Italian Riviera that is in the province of Genoa and you can go through it on foot to enjoy much more of its narrow streets and sea views.

Of the most interesting that you can find in this little town is the Church, the Castle of San Jorge or the Brown Castle . To be able to enjoy the best views of the bay, you will have to go to the Portofino Natural Park , which is not only a spectacular natural environment but the views from there are impressive. If you like hiking you will be in a perfect place since there are several routes to explore each corner of its mountains.

It is 85 kilometers from Genoa airport and can be reached by boat from various places in Italy. To get here there are ferries that leave from Rapallo, Camogli or Santa Margherita Ligure, as well as from Genoa and other cities on the Riviera. You can also get there by bus from the same places, and it is not advisable to rent a car since it is a small town and you will not need it, and it is very difficult to find parking.