Leonese fjords: a 10 destination to enjoy nature without leaving Spain

We have already spoken on more than one occasion about the wide range of tourism in Spain . And it is that its territory never ceases to amaze and there are truly dreamy corners and environments that have nothing to envy to other destinations. Other options are added to the coastal areas, provincial capitals and towns, such as the so-called Leonese fjords , which are ideal for enjoying nature .

The fjords

Although they are known as Leon fjords, they are not really fjords because the sea is missing. Its name is due to the fact that it is an environment with a very similar landscape , but formed with the large pool of water in the Riaño reservoir , which fills the natural space with mountain slopes, which represent the prelude to the Picos de Europa.

The Leonese fjords are found in the northeast of the province of León, forming an environment of great beauty in the Cantabrian Mountains , which in turn is sheltered in the Picos de Europa Regional Park. Together with the national park, they give way to the largest limestone rock structure in Western Europe.

To do

In addition to learning about the history of the nine towns that were flooded by the Riaño reservoir, a good option is to take the boat route to enjoy good views, such as the Bachende gorge .

During the tour you can see peaks, kilometers of limestone rock and also animal species, predominating eagles and vultures , although other species such as the brown bear, the wolf, the bearded vulture, the roe deer, the grouse, the chamois or the European bison live .

This area is not only home to an interesting fauna, but it is also very rich in plant species . For example, the presence of beech , oak and holly stands out , among others.

They are attractive to which are added the viewpoints such as Alto Valcayo and Las Hazas , which allow you to see the town of Riaño from above and enjoy excellent views.