10 destinations for this summer without leaving Spain

With COVID-19 , many people have had to postpone their vacations and the destinations to which they will be able to travel are in the air. However, this situation of confinement and limitation of mobility will pass. And, of course, you have to think about the summer and the summer holidays. It is a year, which could be defined somewhat strange by the coronavirus, but in which some displacement will foreseeably be allowed. And when in doubt about the borders, one option is to stay in Spain . The national territory welcomes open spaces that are well worth more than a visit. Thus, you can enjoy a break without even leaving the country.


One of these destinations is Lanzarote , which is one of the most characteristic islands of the Canary Islands. And it is that in it is the Timanfaya with its particular landscape reminiscent of the surface of Mars.

Precisely, this destination has been chosen as one of the best open spaces to travel , according to a survey carried out by Jetcost among European users and within which another Spanish space also stands out, which we will talk about below.

And why is this landscape so characteristic? El Timanfaya is one of the most beautiful areas of Lanzarote. It is a curious environment in which the contrast between the red , brown and black tones of the ashes stands out with an intense blue sky , which allows you to guess the sea below.

On your way, you should not forget the volcanoes and the virgin lava fields on the 5,000 hectares of natural park. In addition, it is an environment in which you also have to look at its natural state because it is a space that has not been altered by the action of man or by the climate or vegetation.


And another of the destinations is Madrid, although not its city, which also deserves a good walk and a tour of its many charms. Specifically, the open space to visit is the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, which is located about 50 kilometers from the capital, occupying a part of the province of Segovia .

This place is rich in biodiversity , being able to enjoy a fresh environment, thanks to its high mountain ecosystem and the extensive pine forests in which the Scots pine species predominates.

Among its attractions, there is the Peñalara peak, which is the highest point in the mountain chain, as well as the Puerto de Navafría , the Morcuera and the Siete Picos mountains.