Health insurance: are they useful in the face of the coronavirus when traveling?

health insurance
Besides travel insurance, there are many people who have health insurance . With the COVID-19 they have also been in the spotlight for all the du d as have sprung up around the coverage and usefulness. And it is that, obviously, this coronavirus pandemic is a disease that was not foreseen. Anyway, we already anticipate that this insurance is useful, although there are some peculiarities depending on whether you are in Spain or have traveled abroad . They are guidelines for COVID-19 that can be indicative against other epidemics.

In Spain

When a person is affected by COVID-19 in Spain, the truth is that the Social Security system takes care of this pathology. However, in those cases in which you have life insurance, you can also go to private health centers and the medical charts that the insurers have covered.

And this option is valid whether you have become ill in the town where you reside or were traveling through the national territory .


In the case of falling ill with coronavirus abroad, whether you have come for vacation or a work trip , you have to take into account some particularities . The first one is the coverage of the policy that has been contracted.

health insurance
In this way, it is always necessary to make sure that the policy includes assistance and hospitalization in the country, since depending on the destination this usually has a high cost and is not always considered by the insured.

In fact, the medical assistance that the insured receives in a foreign country during his trip is paid , but with the limits that are included in the contract.

In addition, depending on the type of policy subscribed, the insurance usually includes coverage of the expenses originated by travel, accommodation and maintenance of at least one companion depending on the situation that has occurred.


And what happens when an accommodation such as a hotel has been quarantined ? In general, in these situations, the expenses and the stay in the country would be covered , since the person does not stay voluntarily either in the hotel establishment or in the country.

In any case, it should not be forgotten that health management is always under the government of the country in which the epidemic has been declared, thus being the one who will determine how it has to be managed, the possible quarantine periods, the center in which the epidemic has been declared. that the person enters, the limitation of entry and exit of the trips …

These are situations in which there could be the possibility that the insurer cannot provide the service because all management is controlled and coordinated by the government of the country in which the epidemic has been declared.