Tour Armenia

Armenia has an innocent aspect that actually hides a territory with a lot of temperament. The area does not usually attract the attention of many, especially considering that the majority decide to approach Turkey and Azerbaijan. Analyze what type of trips you want to make and if you are looking to do hard trekking routes, climb mountains or catch huge fish, Armenia is the perfect place.

In case you didn’t know, there are a lot of areas in Armenia where you can do extensive horse riding . One of the essential places that you must visit on the back of your animal is Mount Ararat. During the spring, the excursions are a real wonder. You will discover the history of the country with the archaeological sites and you will gallop around small villages.

In this small country you will find great challenges if you are looking to make good routes on foot. A place that you should not miss is Marz Aragatsotn, in the west of the country. This will take you to a place that we have already mentioned, Mount Ararat . This is the highest peak and extends for more than 4,000 meters. Once you have beaten it, you will be able to see the other three peaks in the area.

Amberd Fortress , presents a much smoother ride especially recommended for all those who do not want to end up exhausted. Walking through this part of the country with ease, you will find places of great cultural interest such as Geghard and Garni. Cliff-cut temples, old cemeteries, etc. they cannot be left forgotten along the way. Remember, Armenia covers almost 30,000 square kilometers, so you will need several days to finish your trip comfortably.