Tips to save on travel

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. It is clear that, in these times, most of us have to tighten our belts , but that does not mean that we should give up knowing other interesting places.

Today I would like to review with you some practical tips to adjust our budget and thus be able to continue doing what we like the most: traveling without stopping. The keys are, above all, saving on flights and accommodation. I tell you how to do it.

Fly for less money

The plane, although expensive, is still essential to access many places in the world. However, we can lower the price of airline tickets if we choose to travel in low season and avoid doing it on weekends. You will also save if you choose the destination based on the budget. What does it matter to a traveling spirit like yours the place to travel? The point is to keep doing it.

Another idea is to substitute direct flights for others with stopovers . It takes more time, but the price drops quite a bit. You also save by flying from airports somewhat further away from home, and arriving at others also further away from the destinations. Compare prices and you will see.

Watching excess baggage (even putting on several clothes) or bringing a snack from home (avoiding eating on the plane) are other ideas to save on the flight.

Find cheaper accommodation

Avoiding expensive hotels is one way to save on accommodation, and it’s not that difficult, considering the following suggestions. Something that you can do to adjust the budget of your getaways is to exchange your house with another person who lives in the destination. So you can visit new places without spending money on impersonal hotels.

In any case, almost everywhere there are cheap hostels and hotels to turn to. Or you can also rent a private room (there are websites specializing in this on the Internet).