Basic travel insurance

Whenever we are going to buy a plane ticket or a vacation package, they offer us the possibility of contracting travel insurance , which is optional in the case of airlines but mandatory when you buy it through a travel agency. Below I detail all the coverages that basic travel insurance offers you so that you can analyze whether you want to hire it or not, although I would say yes since it is a small amount and the benefits are many. Take note:

Health care : This coverage depends on the insurance company with which the agency or airline works, since some only include the basics and others also include the expenses you may have for hospitalization, surgical interventions or medications that you need to buy during your trip (all this because of something that arose during the trip and that you did not have previously).

Delays : They offer you compensation if the delays are greater than 6 hours above the time set for the flight departure and also in case any delay, whatever the time, means the loss of the connection with another flight, in in which case they should provide you with an alternative means of transport and, if you had to spend the night somewhere, take care of the accommodation and living expenses (dinners or breakfasts).

Cancellation : If the airline cancels the trip and does not take charge of the amount of your ticket, with the insurance you can recover all the expenses that have caused you.

Overbooking : In this case, the airline always offers you financial compensation, accommodation and food until the flight on which you are to be located, in addition to any necessary transfer from the airport to the hotel. Many companies usually offer you a first-class flight on the flight they place you on later to compensate you for the inconvenience.

Death : Obviously no one thinks about this when organizing a trip, but if for any reason you die during it, this insurance covers the transport or repatriation of your body to your place of origin, something that will save your family a lot of money, especially if it is from abroad.

Luggage : If your luggage is lost and they find it later, they will send it to the destination of your trip or to your home if it is already when you are back.