Offers to travel in September

September travel offers
Although most of us mortals have already finished our summer vacations and have returned to the daily routine, there are many people who decide to take their vacations during the month of September . And the truth is that it is not tinned, because this month hides great advantages. Among others, the great prices that can be found on Internet travel portals and in life-long travel agencies.

If you still have some holidays and you want to make a getaway during this month, you will not be able to miss what comes next, because we are going to offer you the best deals to travel in September. Are you going to miss it?

European capitals

If you only have a few days to make your long-awaited getaway, we recommend that you visit some of the European capitals. In , for example, you will find the most attractive offers: three nights in Berlin (hotel + flight) for 165 euros; two nights in Lisbon (flight + hotel) for 106 euros; three nights in Amsterdam (flight + hotel) for 173 euros; three nights in London (flight + hotel) for 145 euros; three nights in Paris (flight + hotel) for 190 euros… In addition, you will find other interesting discounts to travel to other European cities, such as Venice, in which three nights (flight + hotel) will cost you 202 euros.



Would you like to take your children to Disneyland Paris before they start school? In this way the classes would start full of energy! Well, offers you an offer that you cannot refuse: stay three nights for the price of two. Of course, you will have to book before September 18.

Disney Land Paris

Punta Cana and Riviera Maya

If what you want is to escape for a few days from the daily routine and return completely renewed, after having enjoyed absolutely paradisiacal beaches and atmosphere, don’t think about it and take advantage of one of those offers that you can find in a lot of portals and travel to the Caribbean . At , for example, they offer you 9 days and 7 nights in a hotel in Punta Cana with everything included for 880 euros. Of course, the departure is from Madrid. And if you prefer Riviera Maya, they offer you an offer that is difficult to refuse: 9 days and 7 nights in an all-inclusive hotel for 972 euros.

Riviera maya

Canary Islands or Balearic Islands

And if what you want is an inexpensive getaway to the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands, you will find what you are looking for at . And you will enjoy dream beaches, crystal clear waters and hidden coves without having to cross the border. Thus, you will be able to enjoy trips with hotel plus flight (from 1 to 20 nights) from 68 euros to Menorca, from 53 euros to Ibiza, from 132 euros to Fuerteventura, from 49 euros to Mallorca, from 82 euros to Tenerife, from 95 euros to Gran Canaria and 115 to Lanzarote.


Great Trips

In addition, you can find a selection of offers on great trips that will surely be the most attractive to you on 6 nights in India from 543 euros, 6 nights in the United States for 539 euros, 7 nights in Costa Rica for 627 euros , 5 nights in Peru for 718 euros, 6 nights in Vietnam for 729 euros, 6 nights in Jordan for 650 euros … And if you prefer a Mediterranean destination, they also propose offers such as traveling to Croatia from 307 euros, to Turkey from 264 euros , to Malta from 365 euros and to Greece from 192 euros.


Cheap flights

And if none of these proposals convinces you, you can always take a flight to any corner that you want to visit. At KAYAC they propose flights to London, Rome and Paris from 22 euros; to Ibiza from 19 euros, to Seville from 22 euros, to Tenerife from 49 euros and many other interesting offers.

Do you dare to make a getaway this September?