Cheap European destinations for this summer 2019

Summer is coming and, as always, you have to decide the destination to enjoy a few days of vacation . And, as is also common, they look for places and places that have not been, that have charm and that, of course, are inexpensive. The truth is that there are always destinations that remain at the top of the most expensive places to visit, but among those that are cheaper there are variations because it depends a lot on whether the place is fashionable, on the international situation in terms of security or the progress of the country’s economy, among other factors. And what happens this year? What are the cheap European destinations for this summer 2019 ? Some are already more common, but others are quite a surprise.


This summer 2019, Malta is one of the cheapest destinations for traveling in Europe. In general, it is an affordable destination because it is common for many students to go there to learn English during the summer. However, this year 2019 it has been noted that cheaper prices are offered through the different operators and travel agencies, although it is also a destination that you can travel and visit on your own.

Malta, which is considered the Pearl of the Mediterranean , has many places to visit and explore and which are also full of history. In fact, among its main attractions are the megalithic temples and Renaissance palaces . And to all this is added the attractiveness of its sea waters, which are recognized for their characteristic turquoise color.


Portugal is another of the cheapest destinations to travel. The country is trying to attract many tourists and also people to live in the country to help revitalize its economy, as it was one of the countries hardest hit by the economic crisis.

Within Portugal, the cheapest areas are, for example, Porto and also the vicinity of its capital Lisbon , as well as the surrounding towns. Whatever the destination, you can enjoy many monuments and their history, as well as places with a lot of charm. And, of course, you shouldn’t leave Portugal without riding its characteristic trams.


Poland is another of the cheapest destinations for this summer 2019 and, specifically, the town of Krakow . And it is a town that has a tragic history and that not everyone is willing to visit.

Despite this, this city keeps wonders as a square , which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. It is also worth visiting its historic center – which is considered a World Heritage Site – as well as the Wawel hill for its emerging limestone and the castle that bears the same name. Nor can you miss a visit to the Jewish quarter.

For the bravest, you can visit the Auschwitz concentration camp , which is located about 50 kilometers from the city, as well as the Oskar Schindler factory-museum .

Canary Islands

And, to end this journey of economic destinations with more joy , we head to Spain. And, specifically, to the Canary Islands. Obviously, within the Canary archipelago there are large hotel complexes and luxury resorts, but there are also accommodations and hotels that are cheaper on the different islands. Among the cheapest destinations, for example, is the island of Tenerife.

In any case, the Canary Islands are a good combination for inland tourism and enjoying nature , as well as for spending a few days in the sun and on the beach , even doing some water sports depending on the chosen area. And, of course, do not forget to try their gastronomy such as mojo or gofio, among other products.