How much does it cost to visit the most famous monuments in the world?

Alhambra of Granada
This article occurred to me during a trip to the Caves of Drach that are in Mallorca, specifically in Porto Cristo. They charged me 14.50 euros to see them and I thought it was too expensive. Then, seeing everything they hide and enjoying the final show, I changed my mind because it was worth being there.

On the way to the hotel I decided to write an article about how much money it costs to visit the most famous monuments in the world . I wanted to make a comparison that comes in handy to know which countries take the most advantage of tourists.


– Sagrada Familia: 14.80 euros (19.30 euros with guide or audio guide).

– The Alhambra: 15.40 euros.

– Monastery of El Escorial: 10 euros.

– La Giralda: 8 euros.

– Mosque of Córdoba: 8 euros (37 euros with guide).


– Eiffel Tower: Between 5 and 15 euros.

– Arc de Triomphe: 9.50 euros.

– Notre Dame Cathedral: 8.50 euros.

– Sacred Heart: Free.


– Big Ben: 18 euros.

– London Eye: 17.96 pounds online (about 21 euros).

Big ben


– Colosseum, Forum and Palatino: 12 euros in combined ticket.

– Tower of Pisa: 18 euros.

– Santa María del Fiore: The Cathedral is free, going up to the dome costs 8 euros.


– Berlin Wall: Free.

– Brandenburg Gate: Free.


– Acropolis of Athens: 12 euros.


– Cathedral of San Basilio: 2.30 euros.


– Empire State: $ 29 (about 23 euros).

– Statue of Liberty: 17 dollars (about 13 euros).

– Rockefeller Center: $ 25 (about 20 euros).

Empire state


– Great Wall of China: It depends on the section (between 5 and 7 euros).

– The Forbidden City: 40 or 60 yuan (between 5 and 8 euros) depending on the season.

– Temple of Heaven: 30 yuan (4 euros).

– Summer Palace: 50 or 60 yuan (between 6.5 and 8 euros) depending on the season.


– Machu Picchu: 126 soles (about 34.5 euros).


– Taj Majal: 750 rupees (about 15 euros).

Taj majal


– Chichén Itzá: 59 pesos (about 3.5 euros).


– Pyramids of Gizeh: 50 or 100 EGP (5.50 or 11 euros).


– Christ the Redeemer: 45 R $ (17 euros) with visit and return trip.

If you find any errors in the prices, please let us know. Similarly, we will include other monuments that you think should be on this list of the most famous. You just have to leave a comment!