The most beautiful bridges in Europe

April 25 Bridge
Did you know that Europe is full of bridges? Yes! Yes! As you hear it! In fact, cities like Hamburg have thousands to their credit. In addition, some of the bridges of the old continent are known for their great beauty. Now, European Best Destination , a travel organization aimed at promoting and developing culture and tourism on the continent, has compiled a list of the most beautiful bridges in Europe.

Today at Vuela Viajes we want to tell you about the top positions in this ranking led by an Iberian construction. No, we are not talking about a Spanish bridge, but a Portuguese one. Do you want to know more about this and other beautiful European bridges? Well, watch out!

25 April Bridge, Lisbon

We could not agree more with the first place on this list compiled by European Best Destination, occupied by the 25th of April Bridge in Lisbon. Due to its color, it is often compared to the famous Golden Gate in San Francisco. It is a hanging structure that connects the Portuguese capital with Almada , which is located on the opposite bank of the Tagus. Built with steel, this bridge is about 2 kilometers long, considered the longest in Europe. In addition, the fact that it has two heights is striking: the upper one, aimed at cars; and the lower one, for trains.

Bridge April 251

Tower Bridge, London

Number 2 on the list could not be other than the Tower Bridge in London, one of the essential visits in the English capital, as well as one of the most important symbols of the United Kingdom. Built in the 19th century along with many other bridges with the aim of solving the movement needs of citizens, it was equipped with large lift gates to let the mast ships pass. Today they continue to open up to make way for ocean liners and other large ships.

Tower bridge

Vecchio Bridge, Florence

We also strongly agree that Florence’s Ponte Vecchio made the top 3 on the list. Symbol of the city and of romanticism , it is considered the oldest stone bridge in the entire old continent. And it is that its origins date back to 1345. As a curiosity, the Vecchio Bridge was the only one that was not destroyed by the German troops during the Second World War.

Vecchio Bridge

Bastei Bridge, Dresden

The fourth place on the list is occupied by the Bastei Bridge, in Dresden (Germany). It is a bridge built on a rock formation that will impress you as soon as you see it. In addition, from here you get spectacular views of the Elbe River. It is located in the Saxon Switzerland National Park and, although it was initially built in wood (around 1824), in 1851 it was built in sandstone. This is how it is preserved today.

Bastei Bridge

Don Luis I Bridge, Porto

We return to Portugal to tell you about the fifth bridge on the list. We refer to the Don Luis I Bridge, located in Porto. The bridge, designed by a disciple of Eiffel , dates from 1886 and is a spectacular iron metal structure with two levels (the upper one for the tram and the lower one for cars and pedestrians).

Don Luis I Bridge

Other beautiful bridges in Europe

The rest of the ranking is occupied by the following bridges: Millau Viaduct (France), Chain Bridge (Budapest), Rialto Bridge (Venice), Chapel Bridge (Lucerne), New Bridge (Ronda), Old Bridge (Mostar ), Fort of Roovere (Netherlands), Viadcuto de Garabit (France), Vasco de Gama Bridge (Lisbon) and Gard Bridge (Avignon).