Tips for enjoying a long road trip

road trip
Preparing your summer vacation car route in advance ? It is one of the most important things so that everything goes smoothly, but it is not the only thing you should consider before setting out. As we are told in Cooper Territory, a website of the well-known Cooper tire manufacturer, you have to draw up a list of things to take into account before, during and after the trip. We will talk to you about this below so that you do not miss anything.

Drive rested

Car trips usually start at 6 or 7 in the morning, which is when the roads are emptiest. It is no coincidence that it is at that time, since in summer the heat tightens, so it is a perfect time to kick off the holidays. Of course, we must rest well the night before, since fatigue and tiredness can cause distractions and reduce our ability to react in emergency situations. You don’t have to gamble with the hours of sleep.

Do not load the car more than necessary

It is a mistake to load the car too much, and not only because fuel consumption skyrockets, but because we jeopardize stability when cornering. And that’s not to mention the lack of visibility that can be caused by the fact that the rear window is completely covered by all kinds of gear.

road trip 2

Check that the tires are in good condition

When we talk about safety , the most important part of the car are the tires, since they are the only ones that are in direct contact with the asphalt. Check that the pressure is correct, look at the depth of the drawing and change them if you detect that they have considerable damage. At Cooper Tires, specialists in the field, they also consider that it is a fundamental aspect when traveling with peace of mind.

Divide the driving into sections

It’s what all the experts recommend. The ideal is not to exceed two hours of continuous driving so that the body and mind can rest. For this reason, you have to stop at service stations to gain strength. You have to eat light, drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic beverages, which are obviously prohibited.

Check the condition of the car on the way back

It is essential before leaving and when returning. Check the level of fluids, the condition of the brakes and tires, the alignment of the headlights, the operation of the bulbs … This way you will be sure that everything is fine to start the return to the routine without surprises .