Cruises around the world

World cruises
Are you planning your next vacation? Well, there is an option that you should take into account! We refer to cruises , which have multiple advantages over other alternatives: you don’t have to pack and unpack suitcases every two or three, you don’t need to handle different currencies, you don’t need to take taxis to airports, you save yourself long waits at the terminals … Of course, we cannot forget the pleasure of being on a boat of this type, which beyond transportation, provides accommodation, food and entertainment.

Thanks to the boom that cruises have had in recent years, nowadays you can find proposals for all tastes: to rest, to discover interesting places, for those who want to enjoy a vacation with all the luxuries. Of course, the best of all is that today you can take cruises around the world … Do you want to know what are some of the best places to make this type of trip? Well join us!


As we have just mentioned, today you can take cruises to almost every corner of the world. Of course, among the most popular are those that take place in the Mediterranean. There are two possibilities : those that are made in the western part (they leave Valencia or Barcelona and visit cities such as Monaco, Rome, Naples or Tunisia) and those in the western part (they visit places such as Venice, Dubrovnik, some important Greek islands and, even Egypt and Turkey). Some of the companies that offer this type of cruise are Pullmantur, Costa Crucero or MSC Cruises Spain.

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Without a doubt, Caribbean cruises are also very popular. And the truth is that it is not surprising, since they offer a lot of fun and incomparable paradisiacal landscapes. In addition, the boats that cross this area tend to have great details. As in the Mediterranean, there are also two types of cruises: those that go through the Eastern Caribbean and those that travel through the Western Caribbean. With the exception of some Spanish companies, such as Pullmantur, the vast majority of the cruises that operate in this area are international. If you opt for this type of cruise, you should bear in mind that the main language will be English and the currency will be the dollar.

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North Europe

Completely different is the cruise that runs through northern Europe. You can discover from the Norwegian fjords to cities with a very special charm. In fact, you will know the secrets of countries like Germany, Sweden, Russia, Norway, Denmark or the Baltic Capitals. Of course, it is one of the best ways to discover the north of the old continent.

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Lesser known but just as interesting cruises

Of course, there are other lesser known but equally interesting cruises. For example, MSC Cruises offers an appealing cruise that crosses Dubai, Emirates and Oman, sailing through the crystal clear waters of the Arabian Gulf and discovering spectacular natural landscapes. The same company also offers a South African cruise that will awaken all your senses . You will discover the Portuguese Islands and visit the city of Durban among many other destinations. They also offer cruises to Africa Mundomar Cruises, which proposes tours of all seas.

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In addition, you can find cruises through South America, the Far East, the Red Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Mauritius Islands, the capitals of northern Europe … As if that were not enough, some companies offer the option of a cruise «Around the World» and discover incredible natural landscapes , magnificent works of art and fascinating cultures, crossing seven seas and five continents.