The rarest objects seized on airplanes

rare objects seized plane
If a few months ago we told you about some of the rarest objects forgotten on airplanes, today we are going to continue talking about strange objects, although this time they are requisitioned items. And what elements!

And it is that although more and more tests must be passed at airports, there is no shortage of daring travelers who dare to get on a plane with truly amazing objects and animals. The travel search engine Jetcost has compiled a compilation of the strangest "hand luggage" that have tried to sneak on board. Do not miss it!


Many travelers try to get their pets on airplanes, but some would have deserved to get it for their ingenuity. This is the case of a Chinese man who tried to enter the plane with a turtle inside a KFC hamburger . Also in a Chinese airport a South Korean woman was arrested when she tried to pass the controls with her mouth full of tadpoles. According to the lady, a friend had given them to her and she didn’t want to lose them.

rare objects seized plane1
Curious is also the man who tried to catch a plane in Miami to Brazil with bags of exotic snakes and turtles hidden in his pants. And in his underwear some men tried to pass some lorises, an endangered species. Of course, they were more scared when a crocodile escaped from the hand luggage in which it was transported. In fact, it caused such a panic that the movement of the passengers caused a loss of balance and the fall of the plane. A terrible accident that caused 19 deaths.


Of course, many other passengers have tried to smuggle weapons onto planes. For example, at the Rhode Island airport, the boarding area access control agents discovered a small arsenal camouflaged inside several stuffed animals transported by a father and his four-year-old son. Also in the United States, specifically in New York, a man tried to fly with a hidden knife in a mayonnaise pot. And the actor who played Chewbacca in "Star Wars," Peter Mayhew, tried to get on the plane with nothing more and nothing less than his lightsaber.

rare objects seized plane2


And oddly enough, two German women tried to travel from Liverpool with a 91-year-old man in a wheelchair who was dead. Even more gloomy is the case of an airport in Florida, where a human skull and teeth were found in the luggage of two women. Apparently, they were Cuban religious objects.