The rarest objects forgotten on airplanes

"Someday you are going to leave your head!". Does it sound familiar to you? Well of course! This is the typical expression that they have dedicated to us on several occasions to all of us who are clueless by nature. Well, although it seems a very exorbitant statement, the truth is that it is not so far from reality. And there are people who are capable of forgetting the strangest objects in places like airplanes.

To discover which are the most surprising objects forgotten by passengers in this means of transport, the Skyscanner company has asked seven hundred cabin crew from 83 countries and the truth is that the result of the investigation is most curious. Do you want to discover which are the most unusual objects forgotten on a plane?


Although it seems strange, among the "objects" forgotten on an airplane are pets. But do not think that we are talking about dogs, canaries or cats, but about animals such as hawks , frogs, turtles and even parrots.

The most curious objects

But this is not the strangest thing. In the list drawn up from the survey carried out by the company there are many other curiosities: dental prostheses, orthopedic legs, underwear, an onion bag, a double bass, a glass eye … Other curious objects found have been an egg, a sandbag, a box of dried fish, a bag of diamonds, a toupee, handcuffs, or a written request for a hand and a wedding dress.


Essential items

Of course, passengers not only forget about foreign objects, but about essential elements. In fact, almost a quarter of the crew members surveyed (24%) have found passports without an owner, 23% with telephones and 21% with books.

Whatever we carry, the best thing is that from now on we take care to have all our belongings controlled to avoid surprises and not have to appear later on lists of this type.